Finger picking

The finger picking fill-in is not simply an interesting fill-in figur, it can also function as a pattern of folk-like songs like 'Streets Of London' (pattern 70-71). The figure was originally developed for the guitar, which also included root fourth bass (see pattern 71 and pages 8 and 50 in becifringsklaver 1), where the guitarist is playing in a 'finger picking style'. Finger picking guitar playing chords is like arpeggio on the piano. The finger picking principle is thus a special kind of arpeggio principle.

Listen for example to Ben Folds: 'Jesus Land' or Elton John: 'Your Song'

Numbered fill-ins appears in Chords On Piano 1-3, where there are also other fill-ins as well as suggestions and recommendations on how they can be used. Literates fill-ins only occurs on this website.

Slow beat

Fill-in 47 Pattern 70 Pattern 71
Slow beat - half time Fill-in N

Slow beat

Fill-in 47




Pattern 70



Pattern 71



Slow beat - half time

Fill-in N