What is a piano pattern?

A piano pattern is a persistent rhythmic figure that the song's Chords played with and which can be maintained throughout the song. If a song changes tempo, time signature, feel or style during the song, it also changes the pattern. Within all styles, there are numerous of options for using different patterns.

On this website I have included the patterns, I find the most interesting and consistent with the desired style and I hope you can be inspired by it. There are a wide variety of other patterns in Chords On Piano 1-3.

Playing with patterns on the piano is a similar technique to playing on the guitar, where it's in rhythmic styles is common practice. The patterns listed here is an attempt to provide some basic and typical patterns in different styles, which often in its authentic expression has several instruments in the rhythm section. Although these patterns may well work just fine in interaction with other instruments, you will typically play more simplified patterns in this context. A piano accompaniment only with patterns however, is rather uninteresting to listen to at length. If you want to improve your accompaniment beyond the stereotypical pattern based and give it a personal touch, one option might be to work with fill-ins and various other musical effects.