As part of developing your own personal piano playing style you can listen to and find inspiration in a number of other musicians' way of creating their own expression. It's actually a great idea to try to reproduce other musicians' ways of playing, if you find it exciting. In such a re-creation process, it is possible to change a little here and there, so that it instead of someone else's expression becomes your own. Likewise children mimic and mirror themselves in their nearest adult, they look up to and during this process finds itself (if all goes as it should). Often you could hear where the inspiration comes from, but it doesn't matter, as long as the expression has become one's own authentic.

Here are some suggestions for music listening, which can be a source of inspiration for one's own development of skills in piano accompaniment. I have listed the fill-ins and other musical effects that occur in the songs and in many places also indicated the CD time. The arpeggio fill-in is not mentioned, as this principle appears everywhere!

For copyright reasons, I have no link to the tracks on YouTube. One must take the trouble yourself to seek out the songs